Industrial Design

DesignJourney was originally formed to pursue the development of the ORIDJINoffice modular office workstation.

The scope of work later expanded to extend the ORIDJIN line to included two additional models; ORIDJINorbit, and ORIDJINpodbay.

Over time, other projects were taken on either as commissions, or as in-house research projects. While we are interested in a number of different areas in product design, the projects that we are currently working on with fall into the categories of:

  • exhibition design
  • home and office furniture
  • packaging
  • residential appliances and electronics
  • home and office lighting

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          Mod-Ex      water proof hatch for Valeska Soares 

          ORIJINoffice      ORIJINorbit 

                 ORIJINpod-bay                  Drier Table

                 Knoll Settee         FRIDJIN 

               Bio-Morph Couch             

       Experts Exchange Printer Table         Steel Drum Protective Packaging 

           Experts Exchange Coffee Table