Exhibition Design

The photographs shown in this portfolio are a small selection of the of exhibitions I have designed or been a part of.

The first image is a recent project that shows an installation in a modular exhibit system (Mod-Ex) I designed for the Southern Oregon Historical Society.

The next image shows a 50' diameter stainless steel mirror and a waterproof hatch I designed for Valeska Soares' public art project in Culiacan Mexico

The third image is from the San Diego Children's Museum exhibition 'Design Worlds' where I was project director as well as graphic and exhibition designer. 'Design Worlds' explored the process of design organized around four, three month exhibitions focusing on Architecture, Industrial, Graphic and Fashion Design.

The last five images are from my tenure at the Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego where I was both the graphic designer and the exhibition designer. My goal was to unify exhibition and graphic material to provide a seamless design experience; from receiving the announcement in the mail to viewing the exhibition and any accompanying catalog or brochure.

Select any of the 8 images shown here to see extended presentations of this material.

               Mod-Ex Installation 

               Valeska Soares Culiacan Project 

               SDCM Design Worlds installation 

               MoPA Souvenirs From Japan installation 

               MoPA Josep Renau installation 

               MoPA Outside The Dream installation 

               MoPA Mary Ellen Mark installation 

               MoPA Perfect Moments On Planet Earth installation