Environmental Design

Shown here are two projects, one theoretical, a proposal for a private exhibition space; one real, a kitchen remodel for a private residence. While different in scope and scale both projects embody the essence of good design: marrying appropriate form with practical function.

The kitchen remodel project was concerned with taking an outdated and poorly finished kitchen in a historic 100 year old house, refining a relatively good lay-out, and designing cabinetry and finishes that were consistent and in tune with the historic fabric of the existing structure.

The proposal for a private exhibition space was made to a client that had grown his art collection to a point where most of it lived in storage. The proposed space was designed for a 10,000 SF zero lot- line lot. There were four galleries ranging from small and intimate to very large. An office area was located on a 2nd floor, with storage below. Access was through a secure gate that led to an interior courtyard.

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               Kitchen remodel for private residence.          

               Proposal for a private exhibition space.